15 Best Money-Saving Hacks to Save at GameStop (March2022)

GameStop is a video game shop that buys and sells games for a variety of platforms. With outlets in Europe, Australia, and Canada, the network, which originated in the United States, has expanded to become one of the world’s largest video game retailers. GameStop now sells Pop Figures, televisions, clothes, and other memorabilia in addition to video games.

Even if GameStop’s prices are already low, there are a slew of other ways to save at Gamestop on your next purchase. Below are the finest GameStop money-saving tactics at Deals Engine to ensure you never pay full price and save at Gamestop.

1. Sign Up for Powerup Rewards On GameStop’s Website

For $14.99, you’ll get a year’s subscription to Powerup Rewards, which comes with a slew of perks that will help you save money on future shopping. You will earn points for every purchase you make. When you’ve accumulated enough points, you can use them to buy games or devices online or in-store.

You’ll also gain access to exclusive GameStop deals and offers, a rewards center with freebies, free birthday presents, a 10% trade-in credit, and a Game Informer subscription. These advantages can save at Gamestop hundreds of dollars on the items you want every year!

2. Sign up For the GameStop Credit Card

You’ll need to sign up for the GameStop Credit Card if you want all of the benefits of Powerup Rewards plus a 10% bonus. You won’t have to pay any annual fees, and you’ll be able to buy games and electronics with your credit card and make smaller payments over time.

Plus, during certain times of the year, including holidays and special events, cardmembers earn double points and access to special events, as well as exclusive bargains and coupons.

3. Check The Weekly Advertisement

Each week, GameStop corporate will put certain items on sale, saving you anything from 10% to 50% on your next purchase. By entering your zip code and selecting your nearest store, you can view this weekly ad online.

Keep an eye out for their mail-in ads if you are unable to view the weekly web advertisement. Check the weekly ad for special deals and discounts during holidays including Memorial Day, July 14th, Black Friday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s.


4. Sign Up for Emails from GameStop

There are still lots of ways to save on your next order if you don’t want to create a credit card or pay for a membership. Simply provide your name and email address to join GameStop’s e-mailing list to receive unique promotions and coupons, as well as stay up to speed on the newest events.

GameStop emails are sent out every few days, so keep an eye on them for the most up-to-date promotions and discounts.

5. Search Through the Clearance Rack

Because GameStop buys and sells products, inventory levels may vary from location to location. They’re likely to put a game on sale if they’ve held it for too long, bought too many of a particular game, or the merchandise is out of season due to the release of a newer version. By visiting the sale rack of your nearest GameStop store, you may easily save at Gamestop up to 70% off retail prices.

The “2 for $20” case and the “Under $20” rack are two more places of the store that may have special deals in addition to the clearance rack.

6. Check For Online Coupons

You can find additional savings on every order by searching for online deals and coupons through well-known providers like Koops. Due to sporting events, gaming leagues, or holidays, some promos or codes will be released at specific times of the year.

7. Search Through the Pre-Owned Inventory

You may save a lot of money on pre-owned consoles, video games, and other items by going to the GameStop website’s offers section. Before reselling a game, GameStop checks that it functions properly, so you can buy with confidence.

You can save 40-70 percent on the things you want by browsing and purchasing from their pre-owned inventory.

8. Enter the GameStop Sweepstakes

You should enter the GameStop Sweepstakes if you want to win a $100 GameStop gift card. To enter, you’ll need to answer a few survey questions on your experience with GameStop, either online or at one of their physical locations.

9. Trade-In Your Old Games For Newer Ones

Why not trade in any old video games or consoles for new ones? If your games or consoles are in good working order, you can trade them in for cash or GameStop credit at your local shop

10. Keep An Eye Out for Trade-In Events

While you can trade-in your games or consoles at any time, taking part in a trade-in event will save you the most money. Because the deals are very regular, it’s critical to keep checking the trade page for the most up-to-date specials.

11. Purchase Digital Games

You might want to consider buying a digital game if you don’t need the physical disc or package. This digital content page has a plethora of games to choose from, as well as reduced gift cards.

12. Browse The Deals Page

GameStop’s in-store and online promotions alter with the release of a new game or console, as well as special occasions such as holidays. The Deals Engine is one of the most convenient methods to view what fresh promos or specials Gamestop is offering.

13. Check Your Items for An Additional Discount

If you discover an extra scratch or mark on a game, you may be eligible for a discount on your order. GameStop wants to get rid of the games on their shelves, so if you can prove there’s a problem with the game, they’ll give you a discount.

14. Put Your Games On Hold

GIF by Justputthisonhold GIFs of Leon from Justputthisonhold GIFs. You can place up to four games on hold to pick up in-store if you find a deal you like at GameStop but want to compare it to other stores or retailers.

When your things are ready for pickup, you will be notified. Simply call the store and have the things nullified if you locate a cheaper option.

15. Pre-Order New Games

While you’ll have to pay full price for a full-priced game, pre-orders often include bonuses like video game manuals, remote controllers, or exclusive memorabilia available only to pre-order buyers.

However, Stop Spending Your Money Rebecca GIF from Stopspendingyourmoney GIFs from StopSpendingYourMoney GIFs from StopSpendingYourMoney GIFs from StopSpending

You’ll never have to pay full price for your order again now that you know about the different methods you may save at Gamestop on your next trip.

The Deals Engine cheats to ensure that you always get the greatest deal & save at Gamestop, whether you’re shopping in-store or online. What did you think of these GameStop cheats? Which one was your personal favorite?

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